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Alex Kash is a registered Native American (Tlingit, Aleut, and Russian heritage) who is a recognized Thunderbeing by medicine men.  He is an international songwriter and three time award winning singer who has 10 CD's of original music.

He also worked in some of the world's most famous recording studios on projects with or for major artists including:  Van Morrison, Sly Stone, Pablo Cruise, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Dan Fogelberg, John Fogerty, Mark Isham, Delbert McClinton, Syreeta, Wright, Enzo Avitabile, Tim Weisberg, Narda Michael Walden, Tower of Power, Dire Straits, Maria Muldaur, Tom Johnston (Doobie Brothers), Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Pat Thrall, Nate Ginsberg, Larry Graham, Raz Kennedy, Lenny Pickett, Greg Allman and Cher among others.

Alex wrote songs for Pat Travers "Crash and Burn" album/CD, and Journey's "Look Into The Future" album/CD.

Inspired by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Motown, Alex first became a professional musician at the age of 13, and soon released his first record with (his band, Fever) a single release called, "Lazy" backed with "A Stone Shame", both of which were played on the San Francisco radio station, KSAN.  Recording fame came later though, with "She's Not There", a song Alex recorded solo in Rome, Italy, which became a dance hall hit and is now on the collector's circuit.

Alex is recognized in "Who's Who in America" for his classical composition, "Transitions" for ballet.

Almost equally dividing his time between work in numerous bands, and his solo career, Alex has performed on The Cow Palace stage (that once held the Beatles), and (Bill Graham's ) Winterland Arena.  

Rita Coolidge said, "Alex has one of the most beautiful natural voices, I've ever heard"

Tom Wood said, "Alex Kash is the Chord Master!"

C. Nathan Coyle said, "A complete package of talented sound"

Alex has written music for radio, film, tv, dance, and theatre, but he is most noted for his long span of music that respects the sacredness of the environment and nature, and his spiritual relationship with all of God's creation, performing live to heal the world. Musicians interested in playing in the Love and Light Church Band are encouraged to contact Alex through this site 

Alex has recorded many CDs with just his voice, a 12-string guitar, and occasional harmonica.

Alex is also avidly interested in organic gardening, sustainable living, permaculture and planting trees, working with city tree boards, to put thousands of trees in the ground, and into the hands of low income home owners.


Alex Kash Discography - Here is a list of recordings Alex Kash participated in:


1965  Alex Kash in the band, Unified Five which became Flying Cyrcus  double sided single, "She Don't Care" backed by "I Was Lonely"

1975 Alex Kash "Lazy" single record release backed by "A Stone Shame" - Songwriting, Composing, Performing

1976  Journey  Look into The Future - Songwriting "She Makes Me Feel Alright"

1976  Alex Kash  Solar Flowers ( Alex Kash vocals and songwriting, Kevin Shrieve electric guitar, Brian Goldula electric bass, Michael Shrieve on drums

1978  Tower Of Power  We Came To Play - Engineer

1978  Kingfish  Tribent - Engineer

1978  Van Morrison - Wavelength - Asst Engineer

1978  Delbert McClinton  Second Wind - Asst Engineer/Remix Asst

1978  Larry Graham  My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me - Asst Engineer

1979  Pablo Cruise  Part Of The Game - Asst Engineer, Vocals

1979  Screams  Screams - Engineer

1979  Van Morrison  Into The Music - Asst Engineer/Vocals

1979  Rodney Crowell  But What Will The Neighbors Think - Engineer

1979  Tom Johnson, Solo LP, "Everything You've Heard is True" - Second Engineer

1980  Pat Travers  Crash and Burn - Songwriting

1980  Van Morrison  Common one - Engineer

1980  Stacy Lattisaw  Let Me Be Your Angel - Vocals

1980  New Riders Of The Purple Sage  Feelin Allright - Engineer/Bass

1980  Jesse Barish  Mercury Shoes - Second Engineer

1986  Alex Kash/David Cameron 12"EP  She's Not There/Red Alert/Heart Sensory/Let's Get Away - songwriting, vocals

1988  Narada  Divine Emotion LP - Background vocals on "I Belong"

1989  Toyota - Commercial- Singing

1989  San Mateo County Fair - Commercial - Singing

1991 Enzo Avitabile Enzo Avitabile - "La Pioggia Mai" -Background solo vocal

1991  Enzo Avitabile  Enzo Avitabile - "Colonizzati" -Vocal Background Solo

1991 Enzo Avitable - Enzo Avitable - "Accendi il Tuo Sole" - Background solo vocal

1991 Enzo Avitable - Enzo Avitable - "Si Fa Tardi" - Background solo vocal

1991 Enzo Avitable - Enzo Avitable "Dammi Dammi"  Background Solo Vocal

1996  Lynette DiFazio  "Transitions" score for Ballet - Composer/Musician/Producer

1997  The Essence Of Melissa Manchester - Engineer0

1999  Frog Prince Film - Song Composer/Performance

1999  Alex Kash  My Voices CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

1999  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  An American Dream - Engineer

1999  Tower Of Power  What Is Hip, Anthology - Asst Engineer

2000  Alex Kash  Climbing/Longing CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2001  Larry Graham  The Jam:  Graham Central Station Anthology - Asst Engineer

2001 David Kashevaroff  Goldfish Film "Goldfish" song - composer/songwriter/performer

2003  Alex Kash  Reflections CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2004  Alex Kash  Learning To Love CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2005  Alex Kash  Florida Heat CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2006  Alex Kash  Organic Alchemy CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2007  Alex Kash  The Record Plant Masters - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2008  Tower Of Power  Ain't Nothin' Stopping Us Now  - Asst Engineer

2008  Alex Kash  Love & Emotion CD- Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2008  Bethany Dalton-Kash  Loving Yourself and Healing The Heart - Composer/Musician/Producer

2009  Loredana Berte  Gli Album Originali - Composer

2009 Steve Eskow Comedy Show - Theme song Composer

2010  Elaine Landau book, "Is The Guitar For You? (Ready to Make Music) - Alex is quoted

2010  Bethany Dalton-Kash  Keys To Self Healing - Composer/Musician/Producer

2010  Bethany Dalton-Kash  Loving Kindness - Composer/Musician/Producer

2012  Alex Kash  Film Music Volume 1 CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2013  Alex Kash  Whole New World CD - Self Written and Produced with Bethany Dalton-Kash

2014  Grateful (the band) "Heal The Ocean Concert"- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Songwriting/Composing

2014  Yachats Big Band - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Scoring/Charts

2014  Yachats Dixieland Band - Charts

2014  Breedlove Insturments sponsors Alex Kash

2014  Rod Harris Jazz Big Band - Songwriting/Charts, Guitar, Bass, Lead Vocals

2015  Grateful Band Concert series - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Songwriting/Composing "Aligning With Spring Concert", "Living on Dreamtime Concert", "Trusting Heart Concert", "Life in Balance Concert", "Stories Concert", "Grateful and More Grateful Concert", "Miracles Concert", "Staying The Course Concert", "Heart of it All Concert", "What the World Needs Now Concert"

2016  Grateful Band Concert series - "Life is Good Concert", "Happiness Concert", "Commitment Concert", "Aware of the Whole Concert", "My Work Concert", "Loving in the Heart of It Concert" "There's a Place" Concert, "World of Peace Concert," "Prosperity Concert," "Work of the World Concert," "Happiness and More Concert"

2017  Alex Kash "Solar Flowers"  song single (June 21, 2017 12:25 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash "Paint Them Goodbye" song single (June 25, 2017 12:21 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash "Surrounded" song single (June 25, 2017 12:24 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash "Gathering"  song single (June 27, 2017 12:41 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash "Somedays"  song single (June 28, 2017  12:08 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash "Imagine"  song single (June 29, 2017  12:16 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash "Just To Be Happy Today" song single (June 30, 2017 2:26 AM) Release

2017  Alex Kash  "Lucky" song single Release

2017  Alex Kash  "Summertime" song single Release

2017  Alex Kash  "Rise and Fall" song single Release

2017  Alex Kash  "Exception to the Rule" song single Release

2017  Alex Kash  "Excited" song single Release





Live Performances - Alex has previously opened for:


Aerosmith, Rita Coolidge, Journey, Santana, Tower of Power, Yesterday and Today, Uriah Heep, The Duprees, The FloTones, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

Alex Kash in Bands - Alex has previously performed live on stage with the following bands and performers.


Bands:  Grateful Band,Unified Five which became Flying Cyrcus Band, Around and Around Band, Fever Band, Aqua Band, Soul Attraction Band, Short Stories Band, Mirabi Ensemble, Berkeley Peace Choir, Yachats Big Band, Rod Harris Jazz Big Band, Cheshire Band, Bermudez Triangle Band, Single Performances in Bands:  Raz Kennedy Band, Pablo Cruise.


Performers:  Bethany Dalton-Kash, Beth Goodfellow, Stef Birnbaum, Neal Schon, Michael Carabello, Giorjo Francis Perry, Steve Smith, Ross Valory, Barbara Morrison, Elaine Gibbs, Rod Gibbs, Paul Contos, Raz Kennedy, Lyle Workman, Pat Thrall, Preston Thrall, Mike Rocha, Cory Lerios, Steve Price, Bud Cockrell, David Jenkins, Mic Gillette, Ridge Schneider, Lillian McLeod, Johnny Tyler, David Freidman, Jamie Dubberly, Rob Reich, Joe Kyle Jr., Amar Khalsa, Sahibamar Khalsa, Jim Cameron, Kevin Shrieve, Mike Miller, Corrado Rustici, Cactus Bob and Prarie Flower, Creighton Horton, Dave Cowden, Scott Quigley, Dan Ward, Mark Siever, Michael Smolens, Dr. Rod Harris, Gordon Geidt, David Rhoades, Steve Foiada, Sue Foiada, Mark Castle, Brooke Fulkerson, Keith Trevaskis, Ryan Murphy, Ron Quintanal, Josh Lewicki, Levi Hart-McNeil, Larry Mangili, Ken Kamerman, Bob Lehmann, Sam Tune, Dan Ray, Bruce Giudici, Jim Wells, Danielle DiBartolomeo, Ian Schubert, Dom Restivo, Keith Patrick Evans, Rob Clark, Dan Parks, Jim Anderson, Gil Watkins, Dewey Carter, Gary Brocchini, Ron Ravicchio, Bob Secor, Clinton Day, Mario Flores, Caroline Walsh, Sheryl Max, Andrea Hayes, Joel Acker, Ken Smith, Johnny Valdez, Carlos Caro, Steve Johnson, Terry Cooper, Rick Church, Jamie Scott, Kerry Tweedy, Erin Ross, Mark Gee, Ralph Perucci, Ian Thomson, Mike Berman, Daryl Lewanddowski, Brian Godula, Kieth Jones, Luis Bonilla, Gary Cleasby, Laura Merz, Margot Fetrow, Bria Skonberg, Robert Hall, Pete Lawson, John Bigelow Martczyanov, Eric Bigler, Virginia Sutherst, Tracy Taylor, Pat Chapman, Jeff Johnson, John Covert, Hank King, Mike Vasques, Heather Small, Diane Klaczynski, John Zimmy, Cliff Brand, Jon Schmid, Jason Eckl, Bruce Weinberger, George Ramirez, Kevin Sims, Heather Smith, Matt Mazzaroppi, Ken Smith, Jack Sinclair, Margot Fetrow, Charlotte Clerico, Joe Chapman, Vicki Cox, John Degiorgio, Pete Lawson, Darrell Staffenson, Art Svoboda, Jean Weakland, Will Williams, Virgil Walkley, John Sexton, Jorge Bermudez, Andy Kashevaroff (This list is not completed yet!) 

Grateful Band - Musicians who have performed with Grateful Band


Musicians who have performed with Grateful Band:

Alex Kash, Bethany Dalton-Kash, Gordon Geidt, Dan Ward, Bob Lehmann, Ridge Schneider, Dr. Rod Harris, Jim Anderson, Mark Castle, Keith Patrick Evans, Creight Horton, Lilli Hillis, Nancy Kromer, Dave Cowden, Jamie Scott, Ken Kamerman, John Sexton, Ed Kanon.


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