Here is a place where you can get wooden picks for guitar playing:



Myself with Mike Berman performing at Winterland with the band Fever  (This was the first time we performed there.)  You can see the back of Daryl Lewandowski's head.


There are, (in addition to my 10 CD's of original songs in current release) quite a few new songs that were written for my solo performances, and charted for the Grateful Band performances as well. These new songs are of a wide range of styles and moods, and tend towards dance music in Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Caribbean, Cajun and other fun genres. It is Healing music of the highest order, and has to be experienced at our shows. If you want a great healing, come to the shows, and bring someone you love with you!

Recently, a song I wrote that was recorded back in 1976 resurfaced and was brought to my attention. The performance of it is worth sharing, and I have done that today. The lyrics are worthy as well and I share them here.

Lyrics to "Solar Flowers" by Alex Kash


Fog rolls over the hill on you

Sending signals to see what blew

It’s unclear, from where I stand

I wanna see what the spring will do

Here we all are, drenched in showers

Keeping tabs on our solar flowers


Could I be doing something wrong

I Get the feeling I don’t belong

I wanna know, who my friends are

I’ve been just new in town too long

We’re alone in our silver towers

Making sure we’ve got solar flowers


People, places and things I’ve seen

Trade them all for the clouds I dream

Thanks a lot, for your time, man

Understand, what does real life mean

Fancy me I’ve been here for hours

Keeping tabs on my solar flowers


Organic Irish Soda Bread

4 c. (12 oz) Organic whole wheat flour

14 oz. organic almond milk or organic soymilk

1 teaspoon pink himalayan salt

1 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (otherwise known as Baking Soda)


2 oz. organic coconut oil or other organic oil

 Peheat the oven to 425 degrees F

Lightly grease a pan (I use a deep corning wear one with a lid)

In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients, rub in the oil until flour is crumbly, add the milk to form a sticky dough.

Shape the dough into a round loaf.

Cover the pan, and bake 30 mins, then remove the cover and bake another 15 mins.

This is a basic recipe.  You can also add other organic ingredients like an egg, raisins, dried fruit, nuts, spices, garlic, onion, etc.

It's an easy way to always have fresh bread in the house!

Turnip Side Dish


3 Organic Turnip Root

3 T Organic Balsamic Vinegar

4-5 Organic Raisins

Clean and chop turnip roots, saute with a drizzle of the balsamic and the raisins.  Saute until the turnip is tender and the balsamic is absorbed.

Yesterday's Grateful Band Concert was especially wonderful. Mother Nature offered especially sunny weather, and two new songs, 'For The Children' and 'Stand My Ground' went over very well. This particular concert was a benefit for children's education about Nature, hence the one new song to emphasize the need and the solution. If you're curious and haven't been to our concerts, give yourself a real treat and show up for our next concert on March 26th, a benefit for Wildflower Distribution. Looking forward to seeing all of you then!

I recently listened to the song called 'Lucky' and the song called 'Never Say No', and recognized that I had omitted two people who had engineered those basic tracks. For the record, the credit goes to Rick Sanchez and Don Digirolamo for doing a great job of capturing the live band in the studio, as well as the overdubbed guitars and vocals. Thank you both much and I will correct the liner notes if I re-release in the future. I played acoustic guitar and sang, Preston Thrall played drums, Brian Godula played bass, Pat Thrall played electric guitar, and David played piano.


My Aunt Sasha made some homemade books that are now a piece of history.  Check it out!

Thanks so much for Ken Kamerman, who sat in with us on fluglehorn for the Kids & Music Benefit Concert!  Ken has worked with the MoBand, a 150 piece orchesra in Modesto CA, and with The Columbia Kicks Big Band here in the Motherlode.  Thanks so much for supporting kids Ken!

Holiday Soup

This is a soup that turns out red and green:
Chop up and add to pot with water:
organic beets
organic carrots
organic turnips
organic orange squash
organic sweet potatoes
organic red onions
organic west indies rub spice to taste
organic curry to taste
Himalayan pink salt
when those are almost cooked, add
organic collards
organic kale
before serving add organic Miso Master chickpea miso

Organic Brussel Sprouts Recipe
Organic brussel sprouts
Organic fresh ginger
Organic dried blueberries
Cut organic brussel sprouts from the central stem, and cut in half. Place in a steel fry pan, and add water to almost cover the brussel sprouts, but not quite. Add organic ginger sliced very thin to the pan, and cook over the heat until tender enough to eat. Drop into a bowl with organic butter or organic oil, and stir. Add the organic dried blueberries, and serve.

Here is a dish Bethany made for the Holidays. Check it out!

Holiday, layered vegetarian main dish recipe

organic extra firm tofu
organic almonds
organic pumpkin seeds
one organic date
organic kale
organic red onion
organic sesame seeds
organic allspice
organic fresh herbs
Himalayan pink salt
organic lemon (peeled)
organic orange (peeled)
organic olive oil
Slice the red onion very thin, and saute in oil until brown. Remove that from the pan, and saute the kale until somewhat tender.
Chop up almonds, pumpkin seeds, and date together.
Oil a large loaf pan, slice the tofu and make a layer in the bottom of the pan, follow with very very thin slices of lemon and sprinkle with some of the almond mixture. Make another layer of tofu, and top it with very very thin slices of orange, and more of the almond mixture. Make another layer of tofu, and top it with the onion. Make another layer of tofu, and top it with the kale. Keep making layers of tofu, and topping it with whatever you have left. Sprinkle the top with sliced fresh herbs such as parsley and marjoram, and a light sprinkle of allspice. Top with sesame seeds.
Place in oven at 350 degrees and bake until warmed through.
Pull from oven and place a flat plate over the pan, and turn to drop the layered mixture onto the plate. Top with sesame seeds.
Serve immediately.
Happy Holidays to you!

Bethany is an amazing natural leader. A truly world class leader, in that she is positive, kind, and concerned about doing the right thing for the whole of humanity, as well as the whole of all that is. I have come to follow her, because the wisdom that flows through her is unmistakably valuable. She is a very loving and giving person that deserves my highest respect.

Musicians take note...

Check out this guy's work with vans:


See a video here:

Hello All,

I have more than 10 new songs, unrecorded, that the Grateful Band performs at our last Sunday of every month concerts at the Columbia Nursery. I also perform them at our Kash-In small ensemble concerts every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, also at the Columbia Nursery. Start time for all these concerts is 1pm, and the admission cost is a mere $15. The songs cover a wide range of styles and genres, and you can only hear them at these concerts, they are not available otherwise. Great, conscious, positive, danceable, HEALING music of the highest order. Don't miss it, be there!

I have been enjoying trees, and especially fruit and nut trees for a long time. Lately I have been thinking of buying some heirloom standard rootstock apple trees from my favourite supplier; Trees of Antiquity, located in Paso Robles, CA. The particular varieties I am interested in are; Kidd's Orange Red, Cox's Orange Pippin and Spitzenberg. If you have tried these varieties, let me know what you experienced.  Thanks much!



Kidd's Orange Red (Photo Trees of Antiquity)


Bethany and I performing at a community dinner in Columbia California.

Picture by Leslie Davis




Here is a place to camp within the area of Sonora if you are attending the show:


Don Pedro Reservoir

This reservoir is at the southwest end of Tuolumne County, with two camping areas off La Grange Road and one off Hwy 49/120.

You can make reservations on the Don Pedro Recreation Agency website:

information 209-852-2396

Squash Fritters

in a food processor:

4 organic squash (ie. white scallop squash which are 3 inches)

3-4 organic eggs

1 1/2 C. organic flour

1/4 tsp. baking soda

Salt and spices to taste.  Cayenne is good.  Think spicy.

Blend this mixture and fry in oil.

Eat as is or top with your favorite topping such as salsa, apples, guacamole, yogurt, Tahini, etc.

Occasionally Bethany and I do an interview with someone.  Here is one with Dr. Rod Harris: (includes me singing, my song, "You're The One" with the big band,..)






The church has recently received a blessing of a Gauge ECM-80 Microphone from Musicians Exchange.

Thank you for blessing our church, Musicians Exchange!  We appreciate it!

Here's a great recipe for using Fava Beans, fresh or for canning.

2 cups fresh organic green fava beans

2 cloves fresh organic garlic

1/4 cup organic coconut or olive oil

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cayenne powder

1 tsp curry powder


Clean and boil fava beans for 7 minutes. Drain and put in blender or food processor with remaining ingredients. 

Blend and put finished spread onto bread, crackers or pasta, or add to soup to thicken. We have been canning this spread for use during winter. Lots of room for spice variations too. 

Alex and Bethany


Yesterday we received our order of Maggie's Organic Free Trade Cotton Socks. They are soooooo comfortable, well made and exactly what we want to have for our use, and to give others. Here is the link to Maggie's Organics:

(P.S.  These can run a little small, so order a size up!)

Preston Thrall performed on my Record Plant Masters CD.

Preston Thrall is a great drummer, because he puts a lot of passion in his playing and is very inventive.

Check out more about Preston here:  

When I was in Florida, I was interviewed by Elaine Landau, for her book, "Is The Guitar For You?"  Here's where you can find the book on Amazon:

Could this be the gravestone of my great great great great grandfather?  Here's some of my family's history.

Just a note to celebrate the birthday of the most beautiful, kind, loving, loyal and courageous person I have ever met; Bethany Dalton! If you were to see her, to know her as I have been priviledged to these 25 years, you might just realize what a rare and beautiful soul she is. I am grateful for these years with her, for her many and constant kindnesses, and for being a part of, and support for her many beautiful and important creations that benefit this world.

Chilkat Dancers Pose In Ceremonial Dress With Wood Carvings, Alaska, 1895

Here is a site where some of my projects can be found:


My appearance on WPBR 1340 am Steve Eskow Comedy Show, West Palm Beach

I am always thankful for a look back at the growth during the passing year. This year has provided some new opportunities to learn and expand; skills, new relationships, ways and means, discoveries, healing and more... It's a new day, a new year coming, and I am joyful about the further deepening of my relationship with God the Father, and Bethany. 

We are organizing more concerts at Columbia Nursery because it's really an exceptional experience to be there and do these. 'Kash In' will be a small ensemble with myself, performing mostly my original music. For those of you who are used to hearing me on Pandora, you will hear what my arrangements do when taken one step (or a few) further. The first scheduled concert for 'Kash In' is November 8th at 1pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!


My Great Grandfather, Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff

I have always enjoyed collecting photos of my family, and this is a photo of my great grandfather, Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff that is from the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum historical collections. (Photo by Matt Miller/KT00)



From my performance with Smokey Joe's Cafe at Sierra Repertory Theatre Sonora CA

I have always loved the bass. My first instrument was the piano, but I really fell in love with the bass, before switching to guitar. I played bass in some bands early on, and played on some sessions in the studio as well. When I moved into doing solo guitar and voice, my focus required a retreat from the bass to some extent. I still used it on some recordings where the particular song called out for it, but I missed the musical conversation with other musicians and instruments, especially on the bass. In acquiring another bass, and moving back into the realm of bands, I am very inspired with new ideas, concepts and explorations. It's exciting!

Our band logo is now available on Cafe Press (Joshua Billups designed the first logo) on T shirts and things... check it out at:

Proceeds from the sales go to help the environment.  Thanks!



I have recently been reminded of a song I put up on the internet years and years ago. Apparently it's still up there. The title is; 'Poison' and it refers to the negative pull of jealousy and other negative emotions. Of course, true love is the balance for this and these just mentioned, and what an infinite power love is. The song was conceived and recorded in a bare bones studio on virtual piano and  other virtual instruments. Let me know what you feel in listening to it. Link:


It's only a few days until the third scheduled performance of the latest iteration of the 'Grateful' band, and I am excited! Bethany and I are savoring the opportunity to showcase our songwriting and choices of great melodies we have loved for long. To think I am finally featuring my own original music in a show with a full band is powerful stuff, an uplifting feeling indeed. Gordon Geidt is playing saxes, clarinet and flute, and masterfully. Dan Ward, who I have played with before in the 'Short Stories' band is playing great bass. And Bob Lehmann is playing great drums to round it all out. The venue is the Columbia Nursery Garden Cafe setting, nestled under some large oak trees and open to the nursery itself. I'm looking forward to recording some of these shows. We have a series of them planned throughout this year, each one carrying a theme and new flavors of song. One of the nicest thing about our performances is that it's mostly acoustic and really a reasonable volume, with great dynamics possible, a jazzy conversation between us. It's so nice to play with great players who listen and speak musically, who value the spaces as much as the notes. You really ought to be there to enjoy this. It's really alive music, and worthy of your time and cash.

I have always had a thing for the bass, and that warmth and power of the low range of music. It was my first choice as an instrument to focus on in bands. I bought a Danelectro bass used back in '66 and fooled around on it some until switching to guitar out of necessity for a band position. Later, I played bass and guitar in a rock and soul band, and did some session work with my fretless P Bass. I have been dreaming about playing bass again for years. I have been praying and intending to receive a bass, and thanks to the Creator and Ron Brandon, I am now the owner of an Ibanez bass. It is comfortable to play, sounds great and looks fabulous. I have been harboring a concept of playing it for quite some time, and will work to bring that to fruition presently. The impetus for the receipt of this instrument was a need in Rod Harris's Jazz Big Band for another bass player to fill in when Dan Parks or Clinton Day are busy and not available. Somehow it all worked out for me to get this particular instrument that I had been wishing/hoping for for some time. I know I want to use it in my solo performances as an accompaniment and harmony instrument. There have been some jazz standards I have longed to interpret on it for years. And always there's that creative spike that happens around a new tool, a new dream, opening doors to new territory, new dimensions. I am truly grateful to the Creator for this.

If you are interested in being on our current email list for performance dates locally, please email us at: with the title: Add to Alex Kash Email List

It's good to be here in Grants Pass with Chip Dennerlein, exploring some musical connections and where that might take us. Tonight we will be attending a jam session with some other musicians who are having a potluck dinner. I am preparing for my show in Wolf Creek at the Inn there on Father's Day. The Creator has been blessing Bethany and I with synchronicities, miraculous flow and generosities from others.

is the facebook link to "Like" Grateful Band on Facebook.

Grateful Band

Is the name of the band I jam with for the Earth, The Creator, community, the next 7 generations, and for the good of others and ourselves.  We will be performing at the:

Seed and Plant Exchange

March 22, 2014

noon to 6pm

Yachats Commons Outdoor Shelter Area

Yachats Commons

441 Hwy 101 North

Yachats Oregon 97498

Free Admission



See you there!

Bethany and I are hosting a seed, soil and plant exchange event called; 'For The Love Of Trees' on saturday, March 22nd, 2014. This event will be held at the Yachats City Commons Picnic Pavilion in Yachats, Oregon, from noon until 6pm. The idea is to create an annual or semiannual tradition of a moneyless exchange event for the local community to bring together seeds, soil, supplies, tools, plants, trees, and other garden and farm related things of overabundance, and exchange these items for other things that they might need, or donate their overabundant items to those less fortunate. Anything left over at the end of the event will be donated to those people and organizations that might need them. We have been reaching out to the community at large, asking for gardeners and farmers to give a short presentation about a garden or farm related subject. We do have a few speakers committed to talk at this event, and are looking for more participation. Also, we have been asking local musicians to entertain during the event, and have some scheduled already. if you know of someone who is interested in volunteering in some way, please let us know. We welcome all the help we can muster. If you want to bring a dish of food or drink to share, please do.

Alex and Bethany

Hello friends, It has been a labor of love to have organized this event, and Bethany and I are grateful for the donations of time, love and food so far. We are excited about the expected Oregon Native ceremony on the beach tomorrow as part of our event. Please do come down to the Yachats Commons Auditorium tomorrow if you are harmonious with the idea of prayer to heal the ocean and yourself. We welcome you, and hope to see you there.

Love and blessings,

Alex Kash

Bethany and I are organizing an event called 'Heal The Ocean; A Day Of Shared Culture In Prayer'. It will take place on January 16th, 2014, at the Yachats Commons Auditorium, from Noon until 6pm. Admission is free to all, and all are welcome to participate. More information available about this event at the website:

As I write this, Bethany and I have moved on from our work in teaching organic gardening, sustainable living, and permaculture in South Florida and are staying with friends in Yachats, Oregon, looking for new opportunities to further the work of the Creator's love and light. We will continue to teach these skills and do workshops, and add more offerings as appropriate. We are starting over in a sense, and in starting over, I am asking for your support for our creative works. I have created 10 CD's of beautiful, sacred, healing music; some with full instrumentation, some with a Spartan approach using only my 12 string guitar and voice, but all appropriate to what is being dreamed in the particular song. Bethany has written a book called 'Messages for Love', available on, and at least 5 CD's of important channeled information, including one on a cure for cancer. The book is very important in opening the heart, as are the various CD's. Bethany and I are doing the work of reconnecting with the Creator, with Mother Nature, with Divine Spirit, and creating a New World of real community, harmony and oneness. If you are interested in helping us in this endeavor, and helping yourself in the process, please do buy the CD's and Bethany's book, at the various sites they are available, listen to the music on Pandora, Rhapsody, CDBaby, Amazon, Apple iTunes and other sites, come to our concerts, workshops and other events, and spread the good word about our existence in the community. If you are a musician, I am always looking for creative people who can harmonize with what I am saying. The music is fairly simple, but lends itself to a jazz-like approach in performance; much sensitivity is required. I have committed my performances to acoustic instrumentation only, at the request of Mother Earth. In leaving Florida, we left all our things behind. Subsequently, I am in need of a good 12 string acoustic guitar. We have decided to offer our services as caretakers of properties and animals, and caregivers for disabled persons as well. If you have a position that fits, or know someone who does, we would appreciate your referral here. More information is always available about our progress at the church blog:

As always, love and blessings to the light in you

Hello Friends, I was happy to see yesterday that my song 'Free' has been getting a great amount of international airplay! You can check it out here on my site, at, at, Apple iTunes, and other stations in your area. My song 'I Walk On' has also been getting a great amount of airplay. Both of my CD's; My Voices and Whole New World are still in rotation on quite a few Native American radio stations. There are 10 different CD's of my original songs for sale, directly from me through this site, from,,, Apple iTunes and other sites. For those of you who are local to South Florida, I am teaching classes in songwriting, singing, guitar and bass, harmony, music business essentials, music publishing, and other subjects as I am given them from Divine Spirit. I am also teaching classes with Bethany in spiritual songwriting, singing, organic gardening, sustainable living, permaculture, basic gardening, container gardening, and various classes and workshops concerning spirituality and religion for the future, related to our church and new religion; The Friends Of The Sacred Garden Love And Light Church. I schedule my performances in the church garden as needed at the direct request of Divine Spirit. The best way to get in touch with me/us is through this website. Please use our contact page to send a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Bethany and I work in the garden every day, and look for email regularly from this site. A good source of information about the church is at its blog; http;//

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