Cancer: Cure, Treatment and Understanding - CDR, 55 minutes, 5 Tracks

When you are experiencing cancer, and wish to find a cure, this CD is meant for you. Light Reverend Bethany Dalton-Kash, a healer and researcher herself in the consciousness movement brings you a channeling of the cure, understanding, and treatment of cancer. It explains why cancer happens, what is causing it, and how to make healing happen in ways that everyone can implement, whether rich or poor. The answer is here from the Divine about how cancer started and what needs to change to make it stop, in each person's life. For those reasons it is also important channeled information for researchers and the greater public. If you are a person who has cancer, or needs to know about it, this is a CD for you. Light Reverend Bethany Dalton-Kash became a professional channel in 1989 when she realized that she could hear and understand the healing guides she was working with. Her audio CDs on healing are sold worldwide.

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