Keys To Self Healing - CDR 53 Minutes 5 Tracks

Specifically made for people with chronic illness, this guided meditation and healing CD may also be used by anyone wishing to stay in healthful balance. 
This system may be used in conjunction with any other health care system.  
When you are in a place where you can't heal physically, mentally, or emotionally, you may need another kind of medicine, and that is the medicine of the truth of your spirit. A gifted healer who has worked with all types of people, talks to you in her own words, guiding you in meditation steps to a way of healing chronic pain, or simply an "off period" where you feel out of sorts.  
Each and every day of your life, you can use this CD to guide you through an extremely useful self healing process to greater health and vibrancy, balance and alignment with your body, mind and spirit. Today's world is full of pain killers. This is not a pain killer; instead it is a system to go beyond pain of all types to greater health. Give it to everyone you know who needs help with chronic health issues, because it may be saving their life. 
The five parts of this CD contain 4 guided meditations for better physical, mental, and emotional health, and music by Alex Kash on an acoustic 12-string guitar and dobro. 
Working with some of the most chronically ill populations was how Light Reverend Bethany Dalton-Kash started in her career as a healer. People who had lost hope or society had given up on, in facilities of all types. These were people who were considered worst case scenarios and facilities and health care providers were simply in a position of babysitting until death. Armed with a college Master's Degree and PHD studies in Psychology, and certificates in Body/Mind Therapy, Women Studies, and Dreaming, Bethany received 'a calling' to become a healer and study with some very gifted healers and medicine men. In 1989 she became a conscious channel. Propelled by a need to find answers for physical, mental and emotional illness, she continues to search for the most refined systems that lead toward well being. She works daily with her husband, Alex Kash, bringing healing through music to the world. (To receive a healing from the music, purchase the music and intend to receive it's healing energies. The CDs are for sale through and other digital download sites.) 
Keys to Self Healing is a separate tool to be used by people for self healing, but may be used in conjunction with any of Bethany's CDs.


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