Messages For Love Book - Soft Cover Book of Poetry, Prose, Art.

Destined to become an heirloom treasure, this book is a way to love. It is a way to understanding love and growing in love. It is a wisdom guide and heartfelt journey into the truth of love in poems, statements, and stories which open the heart. It includes: guidance, inspiration, encouragement, truth, wisdom, warnings, beautiful writing, profound messages, and in depth understanding. Written by Light Reverend Bethany Dalton-Kash, a conscious channel, who has worked with all types of cases in healing, this book addresses the messages needed to heal and warm hearts. Illustrations are by singer/songwriter/artist Alex Kash Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, bat mitzvah, valentine's gift or other holiday giving, this book makes a timeless gift of love, which will be treasured for years to come.

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