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A Definition of Love and Light Religion Submitted
by a Love and Light Religion Church

Guided by the Light and Love of God

Love and Light Religion contains an acceptance that religion is about love and enlightenment.  Both Love and Light (enlightenment) are complex and hard to define in words, but easy to understand in energy, and are the goal of Love and Light Religion and Love and Light religious and spiritual practices.  Practitioners of Love and Light Religion worship God and respect all of God's creation, as well as oneself, as a part of that creation.  This process of respect and interdependency between self love, and love of all that is, shows the design of God's plan in action.  Because of the ever changing needs of the all, Love and Light Religion is understood to evolve under God's care and to eventually be defined by God and show the plan of creation.  The overall guidance in a Love practice is God, though many individuals may reflect aspects of God's teachings and beauty, such as the innocence of a child or a great spiritual master.  The role of religion in Love and Light Religion is to put Love and Light learning or enlightenment into practice, or "the work of love and light" or "lightworker".

The spiritual aspect of accepting a path of light and love is to accept God's training and to move into personal understanding of what the Love and Light of God is saying and asking for, and to receive the Love and Light of God within,  and know what it feels like to be in Love and Light.
Lightworkers might care for the needy, plant gardens, heal, and so on.  In understanding the hands on aspects of the work, spiritual practice is there, but no longer are the actions just for oneself, as in meditating to learn about enlightenment.  Once one enters the religion, they are taking the knowing of the spiritual practice toward enlightenment, and moving into the world to create with the Light and Love of God guiding them.
The very core of the actions of Love and Light Religion is Love and Light.
Love should be felt and support of God's creation seen.  In the end, the whole benefits. ie. The growth of a forest results, benefiting the future.
Love and Light religion could be likened to the white blood cells of the body, which come to heal.  Love and Light Religion is like a "white blood cell" religion.  Lightworkers work like white blood cells.  They move to help or move away to allow for the progress of degeneration.
Love and Light Religion is a functional religion in that it understands that God is calling us to spread love and light.  Our commitment to God is seen through daily service.
God guides people of the Love and Light Religion through the heart, but may send messages to hearts to read something or look something up to understand it, or to talk with someone, or go somewhere.
Love and Light Religion does not demand that it's members hold to just the Love and Light Religion, but respect that members may have other religions, such as a Native American or Jew who has a religion, language, and culture of heritage.
People do not need to attend church services to be a "Lightworker" but, to do so is to recognize the beginning of God's sacred spots or places of sacredness on the Earth, where it is guided by God, and Love and Light reside.
Many lightworkers notice that there is a many fold result to an action for the church, such as a better health for themselves, the planet, and future generations.




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Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church is the first church of Love and Light Religion.  The first church began in Lake Worth Florida in Palm Beach County.  The church is currently located in Angels Camp, California.


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