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Grateful Band is a group of musicians who perform to benefit the Earth, the next 7 generations, The Light, and for the good of themselves and others.


What People are saying about Grateful Band:

"Sunday's concert was 'good medicine' for me.  Such good music, musicians, and an exquisite setting to appreciate it all.  Alex's voice and all the feeling that it carries is such a complete joy to hear."

"These are some of the best musicians that you could ever hear.  Fantastic!"

"How do you do that?!!"

"Your music was just great"

"You are better than Elvis."

"Fantastic concert"

"Very special.  We will be back!"

"Great music--Just a bit chilly tho"  (Please dress warmly for winter shows!)

"I'll be at the show--I'm committed!"

"You are a treasure in this town."

"You sound wonderful by the way!"


Booking for Grateful Band or Kash In (Ensemble) is handled through

The Grateful logo was designed by Joshua Billups of


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To see our events listing, go to the Grateful Band calendar page on this website.  This calendar page consists of one or more musicians identified with Grateful Band and where they are performing an event.  Please support the music of Grateful Band and help musicians and/or the next 7 generations!

Thank You!






All shows are outdoors at Columbia Nursery garden or indoors if rain.  Dancing.  Food available for purchase









See our calendar of events click here 

Hear a demo of Grateful Band click here


Kash In is an ensemble of Grateful Band musicians (2-3) and sometimes other musicians sitting in. The logo for Kash In is:


Kash in shows happen randomly, while Grateful Band concerts are once a month.  Check Calendar for Grateful Band for Kash In shows.

What people are saying about Kash In:

"Loved the music last evening" - Terri Hawkins

"He is such a great musician, it's unreal." - John R