My Voices

Alex Kash

The Debut Album from Alex Kash is a great collection of Emotive songs, illustrating the many soulful timbres of his voice. The music is a marriage of Jazz, Folk, Old School Soul, and Pop. The songs were given to Alex by God, for healing the heart.

This CD, "My Voices" is an excellent example of the tones and timbres, and differing styles that I use to sing God's message, as given to me. That message is about Love, Healing, and Light, reflected through my experience of life.The music is a marriage of Old Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Folk, Rock and Native American (I'm part Tlingit and Aleut). I wrote and/or co-wrote all of the songs, and played and sang everything (guitar, bass, keyboards, programmed percussion and strings/horns) on all but 2 songs: Read My Mind and Excited, which are recordings of a band named 'Short Stories' I was in. On those 2 songs, I sing lead and play electrified 12 string acoustic guitar. My website, which also includes my discography, history and art, is at:

REVIEW OF "MY VOICES", BY PHILLIP JOYCE: "The simple review of this album is that it is not normal.Anywhere you are expecting to make comparisons, you will fail, because the music only truly defines itself, and nothing else. So, I won't bother trying to make comparisons here, but, I will tell you that you will hear some extraodinary vocals on this CD from a person who is clearly adept in the recording studio. There is a lengthy song called, "Thunderbeing" in which he even attempts the call of a raven, and extraodinary background vocals that make you swear he has hired Motown or Jamaican artists, when in fact, it is himself. You will be delighted to listen to this CD over and over, only to realize you hear something new each time. It may be one of your most listened to CDs."

REVIEW OF "MY VOICES" BY RAZ KENNEDY: "A great voice with great tunes."

REVIEW OF 'READ MY MIND' AND 'EXCITED' FROM 'DEMO ROUND-UP' IN "FACE IT!": ..."Most notable of which is a cut called 'Read My Mind'. This effort also includes my favorites, 'Excited' and 'Where No Sun Shines'. The sound is as contemporary, captivating, and exciting as ever; the talent here is inherent and unmistakable."

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