Florida Heat

Alex Kash

Acoustic Island Folk/Rock/Soul, about the total Florida Experience. Unique and Passionate Voice, and 12 String Acoustic Guitar, with occasional harmonica.

When you live in Florida, there is an experience of Florida that no visitor can really experience, except in moments or snippets. When I came to Florida to live, everyone kept asking me what my experience of Florida was, so I wrote the songs of this CD in response to that question. If you can't visit Florida, this will bring you into that experience. If you can visit, I hope you take this home to remember it by. Weeks can go by, and you can re-enter Florida with these sounds. Florida Heat, Mango Season, Hurricane Storm, Kickin' Back On Borrowed Time, Where The Light Shines, and Gone Fishin' have lyrics written by my wife, Bethany Dalton-Kash, and they reflect her impressions of Florida as well. Bio: Once a Songwriter in the San Francisco scene of California, Alex Kash moved to Florida in 2003 to settle down near the Atlantic in South Florida, where the smells of the salty air, Bananas, Mangoes, and other tropical fruits abound. He regularly sticks his feet into that white sand and listens to the tropical sounds coming from the Island cultures there, and blends this with his knowledge of music coming from the San Francisco scene.

"Alex Kash has one of the most beautiful natural voices I've ever heard." - Rita Coolidge, winner of two Grammy Awards.

Alex Kash was voted best singer in Calaveras County by the readers of the Calaveras Enterprise Newspaper.

"alex kash with "florida heat"- not that i'm influenced by the title at all, now that i too am living in Florida. i am looking forward to my first heat wave in this state.. along with hurricane season.. but if it makes for such great songwriting as this delightful husband and wife songwriting team i'm calling "the kash machine" - then bring on the heat!'" -REVIEW OF "FLORIDA HEAT" BY ZOE MONTANA (OF RADIO ACOUSTIC)

"Florida Heat is an album of voice and 12-string guitar with an occasional blast of harmonica. Alex Kash’s voice sounds a bit like James Taylor when he is singing softly and his guitar is capable of laying down a wide range of rhythms and moods. The songs are interesting and everything is done with the understated taste of a man who has spent a long time in the music business, working in various capacities on other people’s projects. A pleasant sound with much to appreciate when you listen a few times." - Michael Devlin

Peter Massey says of the Florida Heat recording: 'Inside the cover of the album is a note from Alex Kash that reads: 'When I first arrived in South Florida, in interviews and conversation, people always asked me what my impressions of Florida were. This compilation album of 13 songs is my way of answering that question.' Alex sings in a very expressive almost pop style, with a smooth laid back feel, with just Kash singing the 12 songs he has written, accompanied strumming on his acoustic 12 string guitar and mouth organ. He put me in mind of Labie Sifrie, and Jose Feliciano, so if you are a fan of these, you might want to lend an ear to Alex Kash.'

Singer/Songwriter ALEX KASH: FLORIDA HEAT Emotive Music Alex Kash is kind of the Hal Blaine of vocals, having backed up or ghosted, well, everybody who has cut a record in the last 25 years! Claim is that he’s done more voice overs and narrations for commercials, short films, and spoken word recordings than any active musician, too. In his spare time, he’s been playing his own material for years, and now and then gets a record out under his own name. Happily, Kash is a fine songwriter with plenty of personality of his own to bring to his own projects, avoiding the trouble that often plagues session players who go solo – that they don’t have many original ideas. Not that Kash goes belting off into uncharted territory: in fact, most of Florida Heat has a safe familiarity to it. This is mostly because Kash can, and does, sound like all the lead singers he’s backed (or propped up!) over the years. This is one of the delights of the record, though, especially for people raised on ‘70s radio or younger folks looking for that vibe. Each tune on Florida Heat either evokes some classic genre, or emerges as an inventive mix of well known signatures. BTO sings Badfinger, unplugged! The New Riders play Journey! What if James Taylor joined The Cars?! Kash personally promotes inner peace, and his songs (all originals, here) follow Woody Guthrie’s dictum to sing about things that make you take pride in yourself, not run yourself down. It adds up to a fun, satisfying record, showing that Kash is deserving of a wide, popular audience. (Tom Petersen, Victory News)

FLORIDA HEAT "When Alex Kash moved to southern Florida, he was asked over and over again what his impressions were of the area. As the ultimate answer to that question, Kash created this compilation ablum, Florida Heat. The term "compilation" takes on a stylistic meaning as well, as his songs are reminiscent of popular singer-songwriters. The harmonica and musical pace of "The Real You" has a bit of a Billy Joel feel (think of a South Florida "Piano Man"). The mellow pace of the title track, "Florida Heat," has a mellow mood and vocal pacing not unlike a James Taylor piece. The easygoing ballad "Gone Fishin'" could easily be mistaken by some parrotheads as a Jimmy Buffet tune. Kash also adds some regional cultural seasoning to some of the songs, notably the Calypso folk taste to "Mango Season." While the style of Kash's music has familiar and comfortable elements, the method of music-making is rather intriguing. Kash employs a tricky form of veiled simplicity in his music. Outside of two songs using additional vocals, the bulk of the album contains just Kash using his voice (no overdubs), a 12-string acoustic guitar and an occasional harmonica. Until reading that in the CD jacket notes, it wasn't an easily discernable situation. (Think of it as a musical form of those 3-D puzzles that were popular a decade or so ago. Once you know what to look for, it becomes obvious thereafter.) Kash does a wonderful presentation that seems to be multi-faceted when in reality he's using an intentionally limited musical palette. Kash's vocal approach is particularly peculiar, because at times he doesn't stay in a comfortable, manageable range. Especially evident in "Love Lives There" and "Only Tonight," Kash pushes the upper limits of his vocal range, to the point that he sounds like he's straining/struggling to hit the notes. It's not an unsettling experience, though, because the straining effect actually accentuates the songs' inherent emotional meaning/intent. Whether this effect is intentional or not, it's perfectly suited to the mood of those songs. And although some songs take on a more noticeable influence, that's not to say that Kash doesn't have his own style. There are plenty of songs that highlight Kash's versatility in approach and performance. "Hurricane Storm" takes a more frantic pace compared to "Just a Little Bit of Soul" and "Kicking Back on Borrowed Time," which showcase Kash's more mellow blues edge. "Where the Light Shines" and "Unwinding" have a light rock feel that showcase Kash's complete package of talented sound. Actually, one could make that claim to the entirety Florida Heat; is is just that: a complete package of talented sound. So, kick back and take a mental trip to southern Florida with Alex Kash. (Plus, you can experience the Florida Heat without that awful humidity.)" (Reviewer: C. Nathan Coyle, Rambles.net)

Reactions to C. Nathan Coyle's review sent to Alex by Jeannie:

I have all of Alex Kash's CDs and have experienced such a wide variety of visceral vibrations that are almost impossible to describe.

His range of styles and tonal qualities go so far beyond the norm in the music industry on a "per artist" basis. He does not limit his style and presentation which displays such versatility. Too many artists are reluctant to be so adventurous or daring. So to see him compared to other artists to describe his incredible talent often seems so mundane to me. But that is often the only avenue one has to try to convey what is unique about Alex Kash.

I must admit that I have felt a sense of other artists' qualities in a few of Alex's songs. Randy Newman-esque word-play comes to mind. But Alex Kash's body of music cannot be simplified by comparisons to other artists. And I do believe that everything about Alex Kash's music is intentional...even the "straining/struggling" to reach some notes. I was pleased to see that Mr. Coyle could hear beyond that "straining" to the emotional impact the sound added to the songs.

And while you take a mental trip to southern Florida, as Mr. Coyle suggests with Florida Heat, don't forget to pack another bag and visit all of Alex Kash's music; be ready for an artistic, meaningful, internal and emotional experience along the path of discovering his world of love, beauty, awareness, roots, giving, receiving and generosity of spirit to all mankind.

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