Organic Alchemy

Alex Kash

These two songwriters spent 15 years learning about healing and music, and all that knowledge is here in this CD. The CD has Vocals, a 12-String Acoustic Guitar and occasional Harmonica. It's Organic Music who's purpose is to heal.

"I have been a performing musician all of my life. I have seen the power of music to open up inner vistas, to transform and to heal, to lift my spirit and my audience’s, with or without words. The Creator’s Gift to me in this lifetime has been my passion for a wide range of music, a voice to sing with, and beautiful lyrics and melodies. I began my career as a singer and guitarist in lots of bands around Northern California. About 10 years ago, I decided to challenge myself to create the ‘Essence’ of larger arrangements, using only my voice, a 12 string acoustic guitar, and occasionally, a harmonica. I write songs about my life and about love, from a spiritual perspective. The overall intent of this music is to heal myself, and the world. Having grown up in the San Francisco music scene, I was exposed to an incredibly wide and rich palette of music and the arts, and culture. Subsequently, I write and perform a very wide variety of styles and genres, and mix and match them, sometimes even within a song. It’s this experimentation that keeps me excited about performing, and progressing musically. My voice can do wonderful things with a sound or a lyric, and dynamic range is another thing I love to play with. 12 string acoustic guitar is characteristically a bit orchestral, and yet folkish at the same time. I like to apply some Soul to all of this and I come out with what makes me very proud to stand on a stage. I have 6 CD’s of my original songs in current release. The first 3 CD’s have full instrumentation, as they were recorded when I was still feeling a need for that. They are: ‘My Voices’, ‘Climbing/Longing’ and ‘Reflections’. I played all of the instruments on those, with very few exceptions. The 4th and 5th CD’s; ‘Learning To Love’ and ‘Florida Heat’ reflect the spartan approach I detail above. You can hear all of my CDs here and all my songs are available at Apple iTunes Music Store and other digital download services. My wife writes, works and travels with me. We are writing music to heal, to inspire, and to fit the growing need we had ourselves for sounds, vibrations, tones, beats and lyrics that fit our lifestyle as we become more conscious of our planet, and our higher selves, and the lifestyle that would sustain that. I was born into Russian/Native American (Alaskan) roots, and have developed a strong commitment to the Earth and that which would sustain the natural order of the Earth. My wife, who came from Scottish/Irish roots, grew up with folk music that transformed the daily life and work of the countryside around her. This CD was born with the concept to bring the musical composition into as much organic reality as possible, and let the transformation come from there. A very simple and profound way of approaching music...and life! My short Biography follows: I was born and raised in San Francisco, and have been performing in bands professionally as a singer, guitarist, and bassist since the age of 13. My work is a combination of intense introspection influenced by my Native American beliefs, Gospel greats, and the best of Old School R&B and Folk. I combine this with a fine sense of melody, influenced by the Rock and Pop legends of our time. I have written songs for two different multiplatinum albums: Pat Travers (“Crash and Burn” album), and Journey (“Look Into The Future” album), and sang on sessions for Van Morrison, Narada Michael Walden, Pablo Cruise, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Stacy Lattisaw, Enzo Avitabile and others. I am mentioned in “Who’s Who In America” as composer of a classical piece for ballet, entitled “Transitions”, and am also involved in music for film, theatre, and television." “Alex Kash has one of the most beautiful natural voices I’ve ever heard.” Said three time Grammy winner, Rita Coolidge. REVIEW FROM ZOE MONTANA OF RADIOIO.COM "alex kash with "organic alchemy" - you loved his "florida heat" style songs, now here's MORE from "the kash machine", alex and his lovely wife bethany dalton-kash. these are songs from the heart. listen especially for "love is calling" - sometimes i find love is a corny topic, but this haunting melody captured my heart. another pure acoustic "it doesn't get any better than this" song "quest for love". thanks for another great release alex!"

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