Love & Emotion

Alex Kash

This music is a Sun coming out from behind a Cloud, a Ray of Hope, and a Vision of a more human, interconnected and meaningful way of life. Pure and Simple, that’s what it is.

Alex Kash is a Thunderbeing. You might call him a reluctant Thunderbeing, though at times he rejoices in the task. What does this mean, and what bearing does it have on this music? All music is a joint effort with the spirit world. Through conscious or unconscious effort, sometimes seemingly with no effort at all, music is passed from the spirit realm to the physical world. Music is part of the Arts, and all Art is created this way. Art makes us feel. During and after experiencing Art, we feel uplifted or depressed, happy or sad, comforted or alienated, or a strange mix of feelings, but we are moved to feel. God is present in this music.

Thunderbeings come to life for change, enormous change. Its not an easy life, or a dull one. Sort of like a roller coaster ride through heaven and hell. In walking along the road towards consciousness though, one chooses what to write about, what to leave behind as a marker along the path.

This particular collection of songs, called ‘Love & Emotion’, is self-explanatory once you have heard it several times. Until then, it’s impossible to describe. We try, with monikers like ‘Americana’, ‘Shamanic’, and ‘Acoustic’, but its deeper, wider, and certainly more colorful than these words can convey. You simply must Hear and Feel it first. There is good medicine in all of these songs. Its worth your money spent on it, and your time listening through headphones in a darkened room with no distractions, as all great music is.

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