Alex Kash

An Honest and Soulful Music from the Heart, performed with dynamic power, passion, and restraint. A marriage of Old School Soul, Rock, Folk and Jazz sensibilities, with a focus and intent towards spiritual awakening to God and Healing.

Climbing/Longing is a compilation of songs that are about spiritual growth and expansion, discovery, without and within, and the great joy and longing that comes along the way to that discovery. Its tone and sequence is deliberately focused on the progression towards soul awakening and completion. The words and music were given by God, and the music is sacred. Expectations: Written with my wife Bethany about letting go of expectations, in the music business, in life. About circumstances beyond our control, and mastering them anyway. Tore It Apart: Written as three chapters of a life, three views of living, loss of innocence, arrogance, and compassion. Cory Lerios of Pablo Cruise plays B-3 organ on this one. Sensation: This one's about living here in the flesh, to be in a body in this world, and the joys of various sensual experiences, touch, smell, taste, hearing, seeing, being. Freedom: Written with my wife Bethany about the sound of freedom, which is really the sound of breathing. Think about it. Joy In Living: Self explanatory, and a lot of fun to sing. Friends For Life: Though unavailable to listen to, I'd like to say I'm really proud and pleased with this song. It's about former lovers coming to grips with a deeper and more permanent friendship.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Alex Kash has been performing in bands professionally as a singer, guitarist, and bassist since the age 13. Alex's work is a combination of intense introspection influenced by his Native American beliefs, Gospel greats, and the best of R&B and Folk. He combines this with a fine sense of melody, influenced by the Rock and Pop legends of our time. Alex was born into Russian and Native American heritage (Tlingit and Alutiiq), and is deeply committed to positive planetary change, Healing and Love. An accomplished recording artist, songwriter and arranger, Alex has 6 CD's in current release, and has written songs for two different multiplatinum albums, and sang on sessions for Van Morrison, Pablo Cruise, and many others. Alex is mentioned in "Who's Who In America" as composer of a classical piece for ballet, entitled "Transitions", and is also involved in music for film, theatre, and television. Currently living in South Florida, Alex continues to write and produce with his wife Bethany Dalton-Kash. Additionally, he sings, arranges, and engineers for clients at Emotive Studios, and at other studios, as well as playing solo musical engagements, singing, accompanied by 12 string guitar and occasional harmonica.

REVIEW OF 'TORE IT APART' BY MATTHEW HURST AKA DJBOX "According to Alex Kash's website, Mr. Kash has had experience in the music industry for at least 30 years, and has worked with artists such as Journey and Pat Travers (both of whom he has written songs for, apparently). The experience shows in his own work, specifically his song entitled "Tore It Apart". This song is a throwback to Rhythm and Blues in the traditional sense, back to the soulful roots lost somewhere after the 1970s. This track completely encompasses that sound, from the soulful Hammond Organ, to the bittersweet piano, to the kind of rusty acoustic drums seemingly lost years ago. Perhaps most impressive is the artist's vocal talents, varying in range with the kind of mourning soul voice rivaling the greats of the genre. Additionally, Kash crafts his recording technically around the sound of the era - and for better or worse that means the song will not have CD quality range, but should sound like a mint condition record... If you enjoy the kind of acoustic soul reminiscent of an era gone by (and gone by all too soon as this song reminds me), by all means download this song. Otherwise, if you are a bit curious about old-school soul in a neo-soul world, give it a shot. Alex Kash is an amazing and experienced producer and indeed an artist as well..."

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