Fever (The Band) Pictures from our first time at Winterland

These are photos of Fever February 10, 1974 at Winterland in San Francisco CA  (Also performing were Uriah Heep, and Manfred Mann's Earth Band.)  On January 18, 1975 we performed with the bands, Journey and Yesterday & Today. 


Myself with Mike Berman performing at Winterland with the band Fever  (This was the first time we performed there.)  You can see the back of Daryl Lewandowski's head.


Me performing with Fever (Our first performance at Winterland).


Me performing Winterland 1974 with Daryl Lewandowski in the band, Fever


Me with Mike Berman in the band, Fever 1974 Winterland.


Me with the band Fever 1974 at Winterland.

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