Seed, Soil, and Plant Exchange: 'For The Love Of Trees'

Bethany and I are hosting a seed, soil and plant exchange event called; 'For The Love Of Trees' on saturday, March 22nd, 2014. This event will be held at the Yachats City Commons Picnic Pavilion in Yachats, Oregon, from noon until 6pm. The idea is to create an annual or semiannual tradition of a moneyless exchange event for the local community to bring together seeds, soil, supplies, hand tools, plants, trees, and other garden and farm related things of overabundance, and exchange these items for other things that they might need, or donate their overabundant items to those less fortunate. This is an event designed to benefit the greater community, and also Mother Earth, so please don't bring poisons, chemicals, or other harmful things to our environment. Anything left over at the end of the event will be donated to those people and organizations that might need them. We have been reaching out to the community at large, asking for gardeners and farmers to give a short presentation about a garden or farm related subject. We do have a few speakers committed to talk at this event, and are looking for more participation. Also, we have been asking local musicians to entertain during the event, and have some scheduled already. if you know of someone who is interested in volunteering in some way, please let us know. We welcome all the help we can muster. If you want to bring a dish of food or drink to share, please do.

Alex and Bethany

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