The New Bass

I have always had a thing for the bass, and that warmth and power of the low range of music. It was my first choice as an instrument to focus on in bands. I bought a Danelectro bass used back in '66 and fooled around on it some until switching to guitar out of necessity for a band position. Later, I played bass and guitar in a rock and soul band, and did some session work with my fretless P Bass. I have been dreaming about playing bass again for years. I have been praying and intending to receive a bass, and thanks to the Creator and Ron Brandon, I am now the owner of an Ibanez bass. It is comfortable to play, sounds great and looks fabulous. I have been harboring a concept of playing it for quite some time, and will work to bring that to fruition presently. The impetus for the receipt of this instrument was a need in Rod Harris's Jazz Big Band for another bass player to fill in when Dan Parks or Clinton Day are busy and not available. Somehow it all worked out for me to get this particular instrument that I had been wishing/hoping for for some time. I know I want to use it in my solo performances as an accompaniment and harmony instrument. There have been some jazz standards I have longed to interpret on it for years. And always there's that creative spike that happens around a new tool, a new dream, opening doors to new territory, new dimensions. I am truly grateful to the Creator for this.

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