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As I write this, Bethany and I have moved on from our work in teaching organic gardening, sustainable living, and permaculture in South Florida and are staying with friends in Yachats, Oregon, looking for new opportunities to further the work of the Creator's love and light. We will continue to teach these skills and do workshops, and add more offerings as appropriate. We are starting over in a sense, and in starting over, I am asking for your support for our creative works. I have created 10 CD's of beautiful, sacred, healing music; some with full instrumentation, some with a Spartan approach using only my 12 string guitar and voice, but all appropriate to what is being dreamed in the particular song. Bethany has written a book called 'Messages for Love', available on, and at least 5 CD's of important channeled information, including one on a cure for cancer. The book is very important in opening the heart, as are the various CD's. Bethany and I are doing the work of reconnecting with the Creator, with Mother Nature, with Divine Spirit, and creating a New World of real community, harmony and oneness. If you are interested in helping us in this endeavor, and helping yourself in the process, please do buy the CD's and Bethany's book, at the various sites they are available, listen to the music on Pandora, Rhapsody, CDBaby, Amazon, Apple iTunes and other sites, come to our concerts, workshops and other events, and spread the good word about our existence in the community. If you are a musician, I am always looking for creative people who can harmonize with what I am saying. The music is fairly simple, but lends itself to a jazz-like approach in performance; much sensitivity is required. I have committed my performances to acoustic instrumentation only, at the request of Mother Earth. In leaving Florida, we left all our things behind. Subsequently, I am in need of a good 12 string acoustic guitar and an acoustic fretless bass. We have decided to offer our services as caretakers of properties and animals, and caregivers for disabled persons as well. If you have a position that fits, or know someone who does, we would appreciate your referral here. More information is always available about our progress at the church blog:

As always, love and blessings to the light in you

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