Trusting Heart Concert

It's only a few days until the third scheduled performance of the latest iteration of the 'Grateful' band, and I am excited! Bethany and I are savoring the opportunity to showcase our songwriting and choices of great melodies we have loved for long. To think I am finally featuring my own original music in a show with a full band is powerful stuff, an uplifting feeling indeed. Gordon Geidt is playing saxes, clarinet and flute, and masterfully. Dan Ward, who I have played with before in the 'Short Stories' band is playing great bass. And Bob Lehmann is playing great drums to round it all out. The venue is the Columbia Nursery Garden Cafe setting, nestled under some large oak trees and open to the nursery itself. I'm looking forward to recording some of these shows. We have a series of them planned throughout this year, each one carrying a theme and new flavors of song. One of the nicest thing about our performances is that it's mostly acoustic and really a reasonable volume, with great dynamics possible, a jazzy conversation between us. It's so nice to play with great players who listen and speak musically, who value the spaces as much as the notes. You really ought to be there to enjoy this. It's really alive music, and worthy of your time and cash.

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