Thanks to Ken Kamerman for his support!

Thanks so much for Ken Kamerman, who sat in with us on fluglehorn for the Kids & Music Benefit Concert!  Ken has worked with the MoBand, a 150 piece orchesra in Modesto CA, and with The Columbia Kicks Big Band…


Holiday Soup

Holiday Soup

This is a soup that turns out red and green:
Chop up and add to pot with water:
organic beets
organic carrots
organic turnips
organic orange squash
organic sweet potatoes
organic red onions
organic west indies rub spice…


Brussel Sprouts!

Organic Brussel Sprouts Recipe
Organic brussel sprouts
Organic fresh ginger
Organic dried blueberries
Cut organic brussel sprouts from the central stem, and cut in half. Place in a steel fry pan, and add water to almost cover the brussel sprouts…


Layered Vegetarian Main Dish

Here is a dish Bethany made for the Holidays. Check it out!

Holiday, layered vegetarian main dish recipe

organic extra firm tofu
organic almonds
organic pumpkin seeds
one organic date
organic kale
organic red onion
organic sesame seeds
organic allspice…


Bethany Dalton

Bethany is an amazing natural leader. A truly world class leader, in that she is positive, kind, and concerned about doing the right thing for the whole of humanity, as well as the whole of all that is. I have…


Great New Songs!

Hello All,

I have more than 10 new songs, unrecorded, that the Grateful Band performs at our last Sunday of every month concerts at the Columbia Nursery. I also perform them at our Kash-In small ensemble concerts every Tuesday, Wednesday…


I have been enjoying trees, and especially fruit and nut trees for a long time. Lately I have been thinking of buying some heirloom standard rootstock apple trees from my favourite supplier; Trees of Antiquity, located in Paso Robles, CA…

At a community dinner


Bethany and I performing at a community dinner in Columbia California.

Picture by Leslie Davis






Here is a place to camp within the area of Sonora if you are attending the show:


Don Pedro Reservoir

This reservoir is at the southwest end of Tuolumne County, with two camping areas off La Grange Road and one…


Squash Fritters

Squash Fritters

in a food processor:

4 organic squash (ie. white scallop squash which are 3 inches)

3-4 organic eggs

1 1/2 C. organic flour

1/4 tsp. baking soda

Salt and spices to taste.  Cayenne is good.  Think spicy.