I am always thankful for a look back at the growth during the passing year. This year has provided some new opportunities to learn and expand; skills, new relationships, ways and means, discoveries, healing and more... It's a new day,…

'Kash In'

We are organizing more concerts at Columbia Nursery because it's really an exceptional experience to be there and do these. 'Kash In' will be a small ensemble with myself, performing mostly my original music. For those of you who are…

My Great Grandfather Father Andrew Petrovich Kashevaroff

My Great Grandfather, Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff


I have always enjoyed collecting photos of my family, and this is a photo of my great grandfather, Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff that is from the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum historical…


The Bass!

I have always loved the bass. My first instrument was the piano, but I really fell in love with the bass, before switching to guitar. I played bass in some bands early on, and played on some sessions in the …

Grateful Logo

Our band logo is now available on Cafe Press (Joshua Billups designed the first logo) on T shirts and things... check it out at:

Proceeds from the sales go to help the environment.  Thanks!




Rediscovered Song On IUMA

I have recently been reminded of a song I put up on the internet years and years ago. Apparently it's still up there. The title is; 'Poison' and it refers to the negative pull of jealousy and other negative emotions.…


Trusting Heart Concert

It's only a few days until the third scheduled performance of the latest iteration of the 'Grateful' band, and I am excited! Bethany and I are savoring the opportunity to showcase our songwriting and choices of great melodies we have…