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'Alex Kash has one of the most beautiful, natural voices I have ever heard.'” - Rita Coolidge, winner of two Grammys

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VERY nice stuff.  I hear a million songwriters here in Nashville and your material is a refreshing change.  Fabulous. -Jeremy Clement, Nashville Studio Session Musician” - Jeremy Clement, Studio Session Musician

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Fans cash in as their favorite West Coast guitarist shares his music and songs in South Florida.  San Francisco's Alex Kash delights Lake Worth crowds who appreciate his blend of guitar, blues, and folk music. -Lake Worth Forum, February 2i7, 2007” - Editor

— Lake Worth Forum

I just wanted to let you know that you sounded phenomenal this evening!  You have an amazing voice and definitely can capture the audience!  Thank you again for being one of our regulars here at Beach Place, and we hope to continue such a relationship!  Thank you again!! -Amanda Martin, Marketing Assistant/Beach Place” - Amanda Martin, Marketing Assistant/Beach Place

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Alex Kash - My Voices - A great voice with great tunes -Raz Kennedy”


Alex Kash, Florida Heat (Emotive, 2005) When Alex Kash moved to southern Florida, he was asked over and over again what his impressions were of the area. As the ultimate answer to that question, Kash created this compilation ablum, Florida Heat. The term "compilation" takes on a stylistic meaning as well, as his songs are reminiscent of popular singer-songwriters. The harmonica and musical pace of "The Real You" has a bit of a Billy Joel feel (think of a South Florida "Piano Man"). The mellow pace of the title track, "Florida Heat," has a mellow mood and vocal pacing not unlike a James Taylor piece. The easygoing ballad "Gone Fishin'" could easily be mistaken by some parrotheads as a Jimmy Buffet tune. Kash also adds some regional cultural seasoning to some of the songs, notably the Calypso folk taste to "Mango Season. While the style of Kash's music has familiar and comfortable elements, the method of music-making is rather intriguing. Kash employs a tricky form of veiled simplicity in his music. Outside of two songs using additional vocals, the bulk of the album contains just Kash using his voice (no overdubs), a 12-string acoustic guitar and an occasional harmonica. Until reading that in the CD jacket notes, it wasn't an easily discernable situation. (Think of it as a musical form of those 3-D puzzles that were popular a decade or so ago. Once you know what to look for, it becomes obvious thereafter.) Kash does a wonderful presentation that seems to be multi-faceted when in reality he's using an intentionally limited musical palette. Kash's vocal approach is particularly peculiar, because at times he doesn't stay in a comfortable, manageable range. Especially evident in "Love Lives There" and "Only Tonight," Kash pushes the upper limits of his vocal range, to the point that he sounds like he's straining/struggling to hit the notes. It's not an unsettling experience, though, because the straining effect actually accentuates the songs' inherent emotional meaning/intent. Whether this effect is intentional or not, it's perfectly suited to the mood of those songs. And although some songs take on a more noticeable influence, that's not to say that Kash doesn't have his own style. There are plenty of songs that highlight Kash's versatility in approach and performance. "Hurricane Storm" takes a more frantic pace compared to "Just a Little Bit of Soul" and "Kicking Back on Borrowed Time," which showcase Kash's more mellow blues edge. "Where the Light Shines" and "Unwinding" have a light rock feel that showcase Kash's complete package of talented sound. Actually, one could make that claim to the entirety Florida Heat; is is just that: a complete package of talented sound. So, kick back and take a mental trip to southern Florida with Alex Kash. (Plus, you can experience theFlorida Heat without that awful humidity.)   ” - C. Nathan Coyle

alex kash with "organic alchemy" - you loved his "florida heat" style songs, now here's MORE from "the kash machine", alex and his lovely wife bethany dalton-kash.  these are songs from the heart.  listen especially for "love is calling" -sometimes i find love as a corny topic, but this haunting melody captured my heart.  another pure acoustic "it doesn't get any better than this" song "quest for love". thanks for another great release alex! -Zoe Montana of Radio IO” - Zoe Montana

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Mellow music with great trimming and provocative lyrics. 'Combine excellent timing with a gentle, mellow sound and you have the parameters of 'My Voices'. It is spiritual and easy to listen to at the same time. If you can control your fascination with the music, listen well to the words. It is worth it!” - Nicholas Cole

— Broward FolkClub News Peter Massey